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  • No.59 : Chunk : for Nate

    You’ll see this little square-nose chunk of a board surfing the sidewalks of Austin, TX !

    This “Chunk” was customized by removing the nose kick and widening the wheelbase.  It has a bright green to sea blue color fade with the “waves” art style.

    Mapping out some details on a custom longboard…take that 10th grade geometry teacher!

    Hey hey, I’ve got the new 2014 Board Lineup!

    There are three new boards added to the lineup.  And the all time favorites (like the Catfish and El Jefe) are still here ready to roll!

    Here are the new kids:

    - Chunk for you park skaters.

    - Lurch for you freeride lovers.

    -The Landlord for the ultimate cruising.

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